LabSSH 2.5 is Now Available

We're pleased to announce the availability of LabSSH v2.5! This upgrade is completely free for all customers, and is fully backwards-compatible with existing 2.x installations.

We've packed a lot into this release to make hearty, chunky, meaty, and delicious! Check out the new features we've added:

New Features

  • LabSSH now supports IPv6.

    Previously, it was not possible to establish sessions with hosts which communicated exclusively using IPv6.

    This change is transparent - the protocol is automatically selected by the socket layer. There is no extra configuration needed to connect to an IPv6 host. Additionally, New Session.vi can accept a raw IPv6 address (such as fd01::9dee:0012 for example).

  • We've added support for agent-based public key authentication.

    This means that you may now use tools such as Pageant to easily establish SSH sessions. Previously, you had to provide the private key file directly to LabSSH.

    So, if you're paranoid about security (and let's face it - these days, you should be), you no longer have to give LabSSH access to your secret keys. Let the agent handle it for you.

    See documentation for Authentication Type control in New Session.vi for usage details.

  • LabSSH now allows you request a specific pseudo-terminal emulation setting when allocating a PTY.

    Prior to v2.5, the terminal emulation setting used when allocating a PTY was hard-coded to the string vanilla. You may now change the default terminal emulation setting by setting the value of the string control PTY Emulation found in the function SH Request.vi.

Resolved defects

  • The Port numeric control which is part of the function New Session.vi has been changed to an unsigned 16-bit number . It was previously a signed 16-bit number , which prevented connections to any TCP port greater than 32768.


Check out the download page to get this release.

You may also browse the documentation for this release here.