What's new in LabSSH v2.6.1?

LabSSH 2.6.1 is now available. This release is a patch release, which contains only bug fixes (no new features) and remains backward-compatible with prior 2.x versions.

Defects Fixed

1. Get Open Sessions.vi fails to list more than two sessions. 

In this failure mode, the function fails to parse a comma-separated list of session names returned from the DLL, caused by an uninitialized shift register on the block diagram. 

This defect manifests itself by causing the function to return no sessions at all.

2. Get Open Sessions.vi sometimes returns invalid LabSSH Session.

In this failure mode, the function returns what appears to be a valid LabSSH Session id. However, attempting to use that id in any other LabSSH VIs will cause the error 402429.

This error only affect LabVIEW 64-bit users.

The root cause of this error is an incorrectly-sized pointer copy within the DLL. 

If a LabSSH Session id happens to be less than or equal to the maximum 32-bit unsigned integer value (e.g. 4294967295), then the function will succeed with no issue.

However, if a LabSSH Session id is greater than the maximum 32-bit unsigned integer value (e.g. 4294967295), then the function will only return the lower 32-bits of the session id. When passing this value to other LabSSH VIs, the DLL will not recognize the session id and will throw the error.

Demo Application Users

Defect [2] above manifested itself in the example demo application. If you tried to run any demo but got the error code 402429, then this release addresses that issue. 

LabSSH Terminal Demo Error 402429

Where to Download

As always, find the latest downloads at the LabSSH Download Page


Documentation for this new version can be found here.