SCP File Transfers with LabSSH

SCP File Uploads

LabSSH SCP EZ Send Block Diagram

LabSSH provides a convenience method for uploading files quickly - it's a single VI call. Just provide the source filename (local computer) and the destination filename (remote computer), and you're ready to go.

Using this method, everything is handled by LabSSH - opening the file, initiating the SCP connection, transferring the file chunk-by-chunk. You, the developer, need to make only 1 call.

SCP File Downloads

LabSSH SCP EZ Receive Example Block Diagram

Just like with SCP uploads, you can also download files with a single VI call. Again, by only providing the source filename (remote computer) and destination filename (local computer), you'll be able to perform an SCP file transfer without having to do anything else.

Control Over Low-Level SCP Transfers

For applications with more complex requirements, LabSSH provides for fine-grained control over SCP transfers with a small set of low-level VI's.

Using these will allow you to take control over:

  • Initiating the transfer
  • Transferring the file block-by-block
  • Controlling the transfer block size
  • Writing or reading the local filesystem

Just as one example, you could transfer a file via one remote computer to another remote computer, with the LabVIEW host as an intermediary. LabSSH is flexible enough to fit all use cases.

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