SFTP File Transfers With LabSSH

SFTP File Uploads

LabSSH SFTP EZ Send Block Diagram

LabSSH provides a convenience method for uploading files quickly - it's a single VI call. Just provide the source filename (local computer) and the destination filename (remote computer), and you're ready to go.

Using this method, everything is handled by LabSSH - opening the file, initiating the SFTP session, transferring the file chunk-by-chunk. You, the developer, need to make only one call.

The SFTP protocol allows for more control vs SCP, so you'll be able to:

  • simultaneously set the permissions of the uploaded file¬†
  • choose whether or not to overwrite an existing file.

SFTP File Downloads

LabSSH SFTP EZ Receive Block Diagram

Just like with SFTP uploads, you can also download files with a single VI call. Again, by only providing the source filename (remote computer) and destination filename (local computer), you'll be able to perform an SFTP file transfer without having to do anything else.

SFTP Directory Listing

LabSSH SFTP EZ Directory Listing Block Diagram

Need to know information about a folder and its files? With the SFTP directory listing VI, you can do this quickly and easily.

How does it work? Just pass in a remote folder location, and you'll get an Array of File Information Clusters. These clusters contain:

  • file name
  • file size
  • permissions
  • accessed/modified timestamps
  • file type (socket/directory/simlink, etc.)
  • and more...

This is a powerful tool and will save you time compared to trying to parse this information from a Shell session.

Stat, Delete, Rename, Create - Without a Shell

LabSSH SFTP Remove File Block Diagram

The SFTP protocol is powerful, and contains way more than just file transfers. LabSSH provides file and directory-level operations including:

  • Folder deletion
  • File creation
  • File deletion
  • File status

For you, the developer, this means that for basic file operations, you don't need to maintain a Shell session open. You can do it all with a single SFTP session.

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