Shell Automation with LabSSH

LabSSH was designed for the LabVIEW developer in mind. We made it easy. No complex setup. No configuration. With LabSSH's Shell palette, you'll be automating SSH sessions in no time at all. 

Open Shell Once, Reuse

LabSSH Shell Request - Open Once

You only need to open a LabSSH Shell channel one time -- then you can write commands to it and read the output forever. That means that you can keep executing commands for the lifetime of your application with only 1 initialization call.

By not forcing you to re-authenticate or re-open the shell for every comand you need to run LabSSH will:

  • Save you time
  • Simplify your application
  • Boost your application's performance

Execute Shell Commands

LabSSH Shell Write Uname Command

LabSSH has made executing SSH commands dead-simple. You simply pass a character string to the Write VI. That's it!

Now, executing a single command or a sequence of commands can be done quickly and easily. Writing to the shell will not interfere with reading from the shell, and vice-versa, as they are independent operations.

Whether your application calls for executing a single command, or whether you need to string together a complex series of commands, LabSSH has you covered.

Read Shell Command Output

LabSSH Shell Read Block Diagram

With LabSSH, reading shell command output is a trivial VI call. LabSSH makes it easy to retrieve shell output by providing your with a simple character string result. From there, you'll be able to interpret the data as your application requires.

What if you want to do things like:

  • Pass command results through a regular expression filter
  • Search for sub-text within command output
  • Pause execution of the application until a remote command terminates

These use cases - and more - are all possible with LabSSH.

Unlimited Shell Sessions

LabSSH Shell Multiple Sessions Execute

What if you need to execute an SSH command on 5 separate computers at the same time? 10 computers?

LabSSH can do it.

With LabSSH, there are no limits. You'll have the ability to automate any number of computers that your application requires. 

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